Who killed Emma?


Fourteen years after the murder, Emma’s mum Margaret still has nightmares. She can’t even have a photograph of Emma downstairs in her home, it’s too painful.

“I’ll never be me again,” she says. “Not the true me.”

Margaret’s husband Willie died in 2011, never knowing the truth about who killed their daughter.

There was a glimmer of hope when the murder investigation led police to the Turkish cafe. But when those arrests were made it was bittersweet for Margaret.

“I just thought, everyone’s pleased they’ve got someone for this and I’m just empty inside,” she says.

“It won’t ever bring her back. I wanted it and I didn’t want it. I would far rather she’d rushed in the door and went ‘Mum, I’m home’.”

Margaret and Willie walked out of a meeting with the Crown Office when the case against the Turkish men collapsed. Even when one of them successfully sued them in 2013, Margaret still thought they were guilty.

Back then she had no idea there was another man police had interviewed.

I feel cheated from getting justice for Emma. How could they have let us down? How could they have let my Emma down?”

Margaret Caldwell

Iain Packer says police haven’t spoken to him since 2007, when they interviewed him as a witness, and they went together to the woods where Emma’s body was found.

The BBC has been told that when the officers realised he’d brought them to the same location, they phoned their bosses and said ‘He’s ready to burst, can we charge him?’ The response from their superiors was no, let him go.

Individuals close to the case fear that because so much effort and money had been spent on the Turkish investigation, officers didn’t want to be seen to have failed.

“I feel let down and angry,” Margaret says. “If they knew all of this, why didn’t they arrest him?

“Who made the decision that it was the Turkish men and not Iain Packer? He was the man who knew the remote area, he was the man who took other girls there, and he was the man that made girls strip off.”

Detective Chief Superintendent David McLaren has been leading the latest police inquiry into Emma’s death since 2015.

He says: “The case remains open and detectives continue to investigate Emma’s murder. I would urge anyone with information about the case to please come forward.”

Police Scotland sent a new report to Scottish prosecutors in June 2018.

It contains a summary of the previous police investigation. It also presents the findings, so far, of their reinvestigation into Emma’s death.

It’s been 14 years since Emma Caldwell was killed.

Her mother is left to wonder why, still, no-one has ever been put on trial for the murder of her daughter.

“I feel cheated from getting justice for Emma,” she says. “How could they have let us down in such a way? How could they have let my Emma down?”

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