The 2019 rising stars of Wall Street headhunting

The 2019 rising stars of Wall Street headhunting

It’s shaping up to be a wild year in Wall Street hiring.

2018 was a bumper crop of senior moves in areas like investment banking and equity derivatives, and some expect the merry-go-round to continue at a breakneck pace. Others fear that the collective preoccupation with forecasting the next recession may keep some firms on the staffing sidelines.

Competition remains intense across the industry for quants, data scientists, and senior-level technologists, as institutions spend billions to try to stay ahead of the pack and highly capitalized fintechs enter the fray.

But whether you’re a white-shoe investment bank, a megafund asset manager, or even an upstart blockchain startup, the right talent can set you up for years of prosperity, and the wrong personnel can leave you staring at red on the ledger.

In the battle for talent, knowing the right recruiter can make the difference.

Introducing Business Insider’s 2019 edition of the best up-and-coming headhunters on Wall Street

We surveyed our network finance sources, including the upper brass of recruiting firms themselves. We’ve assembled a group of headhunters who have excelled at placing talent early and often in their young careers.

Some are traditional heavy hitters, billing millions in fees by placing alpha-generating investors at hedge funds and private-equity shops. Others have carved out niches and built new coverage areas to win business for their firms. And others have started successful firms of their own.

To be eligible, nominees needed to work primarily in New York City, be 40 years old or younger, have glowing recommendations, and a track record of delivering for clients.

Here’s our 2019 list of the rising stars of headhunting on Wall Street.

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