Ed Sheeran To Star In Danny Boyle’s Beatles Movie

Ed Sheeran To Star In Danny Boyle’s Beatles Movie

After a small role in Game of Thrones and a brief cameo in Bridget Jones’s Baby, Ed Sheeran has landed his first MAJOR role in Danny Boyle’s next film, playing himself.

The movie is written by Love Actually’s Richard Curtis and also stars Himesh Patel, who you might recognise as Tamwar Masood from Eastenders.

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Could you imagine a world in which The Beatles didn’t exist? Same here, but that’s the exact premise of the film.

Himesh’s character, a budding musician, wakes up to discover that he’s the only person left on the planet that remembers the iconic band. Blasphemy.

Ed “discovers” Himesh’s character as part of the plot and decides to take him on tour with him.

The ‘Shape Of You’ singer told The AP that: “Then he gets much, much bigger than me through doing stuff. Yeah, it’s very clever.”


“I got to actually kind of learn how to act. With the Game of Thrones thing, that was literally me popping in for a day and making a cameo. But this was like full days on set, like full 12-hour days,” he went on to say.

He thinks everyone will be pretty impressed with the end result of the film, even though the filming schedule was mega hectic due to Ed still being on tour during the process.


“They shot it around loads of my gigs. So it was a very intense two months,” he said. “I was playing myself, so I don’t think I was that bad. There wasn’t much to (mess) up.”

The film is set for a September 2019 release date and we’re still holding out for a title.

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